A solution for
greater transparency

inmybottle® is THE easy way to display nutritional information for alcoholic beverages.
🇪🇺 Meets European Union regulations

A 100% independent project

Consumer transparency
for the contents of
a bottle of alcohol

Environmentally friendly
and ecologically responsible

Clear, simple and
accessible information
on ingredients, additives, etc.

For professionals

With inmybottle® we offer an easy solution to meet the regulatory requirements for the display of nutritional data on alcoholic beverages.

Manage the nutritional QR codes
for your wine, beer, and spirits labels for 165€ /per year.

We are committed to changing the world with

Transparency is the core of our mission

Consistent with
European standards

Guaranteed compliance with European labelling standards in effect beginning 8 December 2023.

and Protected Data

All data uploaded online is protected, secure and certified.

No Ads

inmybottle® will never market alcoholic beverages

A quick and easy solutions

A digital display guaranteed to meet EU requirements

All information is presented in a standard format that meets the obligatory European Commission labelling requirements starting 8 December 2023.

Informations in more than 24 languages

Your nutritional information behind the QR Code is translated into the 24 official European languages as well as other languages including Chinese and Japanese.

A unique and interoperable QR code

We have developed unique solutions that guarantee a unique QR Code with modifiable and interoperable data

A unique, economical and unlimited offer

inmybottle® is an easy and economical solution for wine, beer and spirits producers to provide regulatory nutritional displays via a QR Code.

Our offer is unique
We allow the creation of unlimited QR codes and digital nutritional labels for a single price.

Easy and effective
This offer to professionals is important and allows
to ensure the financial independence of the project.

  • A 100% independent project
  • No outside influence
  • No Ads
  • No use of your data
  • Secure financing
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